Catalogue of Rules for Affiliates

This Catalogue of Rules provides a practical explanation and illustration of the framework conditions of the partner program.


Keyword advertising:

For advertising via Google AdWords, Yahoo! Advertising, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidoo or other keyword advertisers, the following must be observed.

The following are not permitted:

·         Linking directly to the product website (e.g.,, etc.) by means of the target URL or display URL.

·         Incorporating product websites via framing or hotlinking. Hyperlinks should be used instead. Please contact us if you are unsure whether the methods you use are permitted.

·         Brand bidding: The use of legally protected keywords is not permitted (e.g. using “Save.TV” as a keyword or in the display text).

·         Using the domains of the programs promoted, particularly top-level domains, such as USENEXT or Save.TV, in the target URL or display URL (e.g., etc.).

You can advertise for Save.TV for example, via Google AdWords and similar providers, by means of specific web projects, such as information or comparison sites concerning “Online TV Recording”, for instance.


Incentivised traffic:

·         Incentivised traffic are logins for which money, in-kind bonuses or other services are offered as a reward.

·         If you generate incentivised traffic or intend to do so, please let us know beforehand.

·         Different commission models are used for incentivised traffic to those for non-incentivised traffic: In this case, the commission may be suspended entirely, where applicable. Criminal charges may be filed in the event of fraud or attempted fraud.


Advertising media, advertising texts:

·         In principle, only the official advertising media of the partner programme may be used, which can be found under “Advertising media”. If you create your own banners and texts, you shall only be permitted to use these after they have been approved in writing by Omniga. To prevent any violations, we kindly ask you to contact us with your proposals before using or incorporating any of the advertising banners and texts you have designed.

·         If you generate incentivised traffic or intend to do so, please let us know beforehand.

·         The use of advertising media beyond the approved use in the context of the partner program is not permitted.

The following are not permitted:

·         Creating banners and texts yourself and using them to advertise a partner program, the content of which violates the rights of third parties, or breaches any other applicable laws (Points 9.1 and 9.6 of our GTCs).

·         Registering domains for advertising purposes, which contain the product or brand names of products advertised by Omniga. This applies even if the target pages created by you are to be used to promote the product or brand names (e.g. product comparison sites, etc.; see also “Keyword Advertising”).

You will find the advertising media already authorised by us in your personal member’s area under the section “Advertising media”.


Context of the ad placement

The context of the ad placement should be useful for the promotion of the product or product image, and foster a positive product communication. For these reasons, the following are not permitted:

·         Creating a context for the ad placement that is contrary to our GTCs. The context of the ad placement must be created in accordance with Point 8 of our GTCs in particular.

·         The material presented in the context of the ad placement violates the rights of third parties, or breaches any other applicable laws or our GTCs (Point 8.2 of our GTCs).

·         The following sample websites constitute potential breaches:

o   Warez sites (Emule, ed2k, Torrent, direct download, direct download search engines, Kazaa, etc.)

o   Any and all file hosting/shared hosting sites

o   Link/file spreaders, folder services

o   Top lists that refer to illegal sites

o   Websites with pornographic content, content that is harmful to young persons, content of a National Socialist nature, content that glorifies war or incites hatred


Cookie dropping:

·         This term is understood to mean the activation of an advertising medium within an invisible area of a site. As part of this, one or more tracking cookies are placed, without there having been actual visual contact with the advertising medium or clicking thereon.

·         Cookie dropping, cookie spreading, cookie spamming, cookie stuffing and other similar practices are not permitted and violate Point 12.1 of the GTCs.

·         Furthermore, it is not permitted to call up a direct link without actual advertising performance.


Transferral of commissions via official affiliate programs

·         In principle, the transferral of commissions via official affiliate programs is not permitted. Exceptions require, in all cases, written approval from an Omniga employee.

Exceptions to the rules stated above shall require express written authorisation from the Supplier.

Please contact Partner Support in the event of any questions or queries. Any breaches of one or more of the points outlined above may lead, in particular, to blocking of the account and/or loss of the entitlement to commission.

Omniga GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to amend these advertising guidelines.